How Much Does it Cost to List a Property on the Market with a Realtor in Tampa, Florida?

When it comes to selling a home in Tampa, Florida, the average real estate commission rate is 6%. This is split between the seller's and buyer's agents. On average, brokers in Florida charge their customers 2.75% for their services. It's important to note that this does not include the commission for the buyer's agent, which must also be paid.

In total, the real estate commission paid by the seller is usually 5.5-6% of the final sale price of the home. In addition to the realtor's commission, closing costs of 1.6% must also be taken into account. This brings the total estimated cost of selling a home in Florida to 7%. However, this does not include other expenses such as home preparation, deep cleaning and pre-sale repairs, which can add thousands of dollars to the cost of selling a property.

The seller is typically responsible for paying for an owner's warranty. For example, buyers usually pay for title insurance in Miami, while in other markets such as Orlando, it is more common for the seller to cover this cost. Using an agent search service like Clever Real Estate can help you save thousands of dollars in real estate fees. However, studies show that homes sold without a real estate agent sell up to 26% less than publicly traded homes and you will have to handle all tasks normally performed by a real estate professional.

Full-service agents in Florida are dedicated professionals who use as many marketing tools as possible to get your house sold quickly and at a great price. Rates are as low as 1%, significantly lower than the typical sales rate of 5.40% in Florida. Below you'll find a full breakdown of the costs of selling a home in Florida, including tips on how to save on sales and a Florida home sales calculator to estimate your costs.

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