What is the Average Rental Rate for Real Estate in Tampa, Florida?

Most condos for rent in Tampa, Florida are occupied by residents aged 25 to 34 (31%), followed by those in the 35 to 44 year old group (21%). By contrast, residents with less than a high school degree reside in 13% of rental homes in Tampa, Florida. It is important to keep this in mind when looking at the data below, as it may not accurately reflect the current context of the Tampa, Florida rental market. Making data-driven decisions about real estate is easier than ever with Rentometer, the fastest way to check residential rental prices in the U.

S. In Tampa, Florida, renters make up 51% of the real estate market, occupying a total of 79,397 units while landlords live in 77,308 properties. Of the 29,511 rentals in Tampa (Florida), 2 bedroom units make up the largest market share at 37%.When it comes to rental rates in Tampa, Florida, it is essential to consider the size of the unit and its location. Generally speaking, larger units tend to have higher rental rates than smaller units.

For example, a 3 bedroom unit may cost more than a 2 bedroom unit. Additionally, rental rates can vary depending on the neighborhood or area of Tampa. For instance, a unit located in a more affluent area may have higher rental rates than one located in a less affluent area. The average rental rate for real estate in Tampa, Florida is $1,541 per month. This figure is based on data from Rentometer and includes all types of units from studios to 4 bedrooms.

However, it is important to note that this figure is an average and actual rental rates may vary depending on factors such as size and location. When searching for real estate rentals in Tampa, Florida it is important to consider all factors that may affect rental rates. Size and location are two of the most important factors to consider when looking at rental rates. Additionally, it is essential to keep an eye on market trends as they can affect rental rates over time.

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